Born: 1981 in Western Pomerania, Germany

Education: 1999-2006 Study in Visual Arts and Biology at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University in Greifswald, 

Painterly excursions with Marc Lüders, Sven Ochsenreither, Sid Gastl and Sarah Stolar

Home: Hamburg, Greifswald, at the coast

Last Exhibition/Award: 3von Pent. only art club. Hamburg. 2018; key color. (solo show) kulturreich gallery Hamburg. Hamburg. 2017; xpon goes x. 10 Jahre. xpon-art gallery. Hamburg. 201722. Exhibition. NATUR-HUMAN. Nationalpark Harz/ Sankt Andreasberg. 2016; aus:::zeichnen. xpon-art gallery. Hamburg. 2016; ge.fallen. xpon-art gallery. Hamburg. 2016; songs of yesterday. (solo show) Projekthaus Hamburg. 2014; Awardee (3rd Prize) of the Valentine-Rothe-Preis 2014. Bonn

Special Moment: Exhibition of Jenny Saville (Zurich) and Gustav Courbet (Basel), December 2014

Credo: Feel the paint, feel the magic!

Why paint? I give colour the priority. I love the idea of tradition and family. Oil colour is the connection between the past

and the present – a fascinating device of arts, that is shaped by time and the hands of the artists. Colour reinvents itself with

every new generation. While painting, I am competing for awareness. I like to compare this process with recently hatched

turtles on their way to the ocean: Some picture will make it and bring me closer towards knowledge - some won’t. The latter

ones, however, are not inevitably doomed. In painting, beginning and end are of no essential releveance to me. There are

only moments and there is only potential. To me, painting is not an instrument to present definitive truth. It is rather an

act of challenging the immediacy of seeing, feeling and thinking in every beholder, including myself.