Born: 1981 in Western Pomerania, Germany


Education: 1999-2006 Study in Visual Arts and Biology at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University in Greifswald, 

Painterly excursions with Marc Lüders, Sven Ochsenreither, Sid Gastl and Sarah Stolar


Home: Hamburg


Last Exhibition/Award: 

h::eilig. xpon-art gallery. Hamburg. 2020;

cambiare. (solo show) kulturreich gallery Hamburg. Hamburg. 2019;

3von Pent. only art club. Hamburg. 2018; 

key color. (solo show) kulturreich gallery Hamburg. Hamburg. 2017;

xpon goes x. 10 Jahre. xpon-art gallery. Hamburg. 2017

22. Exhibition. NATUR-HUMAN. Nationalpark Harz/ Sankt Andreasberg. 2016; 

aus:::zeichnen. xpon-art gallery. Hamburg. 2016;

ge.fallen. xpon-art gallery. Hamburg. 2016;

songs of yesterday. (solo show) Projekthaus Hamburg. 2014;

Awardee (3rd Prize) of the Valentine-Rothe-Preis 2014. Bonn



Credo: Feel the paint, feel the magic!


Style? No two pictures are alike and a style is not clearly recognizable at first. Intentional? Absolutely not. It is rather the way of creation, which makes my world of images so different. Without a doubt, I prefer to paint people and animals, landscapes or still lifes have not yet played a major role. Since my paintings are based on photographs, which I prefer to make myself, my painterly journey usually begins here. In my mind, a picture is often already created during the photographing process. It's like my head already knows how it should look in oil. You can compare it with a kind of map or stencil. This is used during the painting as a guide, so as not to get lost in painterly aberrations. But because the picture in the head is rather blurred, the sharpness and clarity must be found during the painting process. Countless brushstrokes later, after headaches about areas, color combinations, lines, form, content or composition in general, a hopefully multi-faceted picture emerges. When the displeasure or even advice is needed from an artistic point of view, I like to consult old or modern masters. Lucien Freud, Jenny Saville, François Bard or Sabastian Schrader form the tip of the painterly iceberg. While painting, I rely entirely on intuition and painting flow. For me, every brush stroke counts.